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Designed for Transaction, Asset, and Portfolio Managers, the Tool allows a seamless evaluation, comparison and tracking of PPA offers.

What can you expect?
  • A clear overview of your project's phases
  • An intuitive input calculator
  • A collaborative market intelligence platform
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Engineered with the purpose of de−risking your revenue streams

  • 1
    Raise your energy-based revenue streams by 18%
  • 2
    Get the best risk/return profiles of various PPA offers
  • 3
    Fully automated, and fully transparent
  • 4
    Share your findings with peers
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synertics tool objective centralization Centralize
Learn and build on past PPA processes within your organization
synertics tool objective streamlining Streamline
Quickly evaluate and understand risk/return profiles of PPA offers
synertics tool objective off-taker network Network
Efficiently manage off-taker communications through streamlined channels
synertics tool objective increase the value Drive Value
Make well-informed decisions to increase the value of your energy assets

3 Pillars of PPA Analysis

PPA Pricing
Capture Prices
Sensitivities Analysis
Find the right price for your project

Our PPA pricing model estimates the expected output of the project based on factors like project structure, Futures % change, and local weather patterns.

It then estimates the costs of generating energy, considering risk factors, before calculating a fair price for the energy generated based on output and costs.

Learn more about PPA Pricing
synertics 3 pillars ppa analysis ppa pricing

Still unsure how this Tool can help you?

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synertics founder Manuel Pessanha

Having spent more than a decade advising energy professionals on the best approaches to maximize the return on their assets, I felt the need to optimize the process.

All the calculations that allowed me to forecast price captures throughout these years had to be available under one roof.

So the PPA Evaluation Tool was born.

Now, it's possible for any asset manager to evaluate, compare and track their revenue streams in a autonomous way with a few clicks.

Manuel Pessanha
CEO and Founder
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