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We understand that navigating Power Purchase Agreements can be a daunting task,
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Transforming the PPA market through data
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Manuel Pessanha
Tomás Oliveira
Kenia Silvério
André Morais
synertics team member Manuel Pessanha Manuel Pessanha CEO & Founder
synertics team member Tomás Oliveira Tomás Oliveira Marketing Manager
synertics team member Kenia Silvério

Kenia Silvério

PPA Pricing Manager
synertics team member André Morais André Morais Software Engineer
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Our Track Record

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6 countries in the Tool Solar PV Wind Onshore > 316 MW > 547 GWh > 10 years combined team experience in the energy market + coverage of aditional countries
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Investing in Renewables

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Building a more sustainable tomorrow, each PPA at a time
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Our focus on sustainability starts with our approach to energy procurement

By partnering with renewable energy providers, we help businesses and organisations transition to clean energy sources, reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and lowering their carbon footprint.

Through PPAs it's possible to explore a range of renewable energy solutions, including wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. These agreements provide businesses with a reliable, long-term source of renewable energy at a fixed price.

Investing in clean energy enables businesses to reduce their energy costs, lower carbon emissions, improve public health, achieve a better ROI and drive job creation.