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Simplifying Power Purchase Agreements

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Efficiency is paramount, which is why we designed our Tool to streamline your operations by swiftly evaluating and comprehending the risk and return profiles of various PPA offers.

By leveraging advanced analytics and insightful reporting, you can make informed decisions with confidence, optimizing the value of your energy assets.
We will work with you to understand your specific energy needs and goals, and negotiate on your behalf with energy buyers to secure the most favourable agreement terms.

Our team has extensive experience in contract negotiations and can help you achieve optimal pricing, contract length, and other critical terms that align with your energy strategy.
As a crucial step in the lifecycle of a renewable energy project, Origination sets the groundwork for the subsequent phases such as construction, operation, and the delivery of electricity to the offtaker.

By leveraging our international network of corporates and market expertise, we will negotiate on your behalf to find the ideal match to the project's interests.
We help our clients develop pricing strategies that are optimized for their unique needs, taking into account factors such as the project's financial viability, expected revenue streams, and competitive landscape.

Our PPA Pricing service is an essential tool for companies focused on PPAs, helping them navigate the complex pricing landscape and ensure that they are maximising their project's profitability.

Our Team

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Manuel Pessanha

CEO & Founder
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Rodolfo Castro

PPA Advisor
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Tomás Oliveira

Marketing Manager
synertics team member André Morais

André Morais

Software Engineer
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Investing in Renewables

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Building a more sustainable tomorrow, each PPA at a time
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Our journey towards a sustainable future begins with a strategic focus on renewable energy procurement

Synertics champions a sustainable future with each PPA.

Our procurement strategy aligns with renewable energy providers to shift businesses towards clean energy, minimising fossil fuel dependence and carbon emissions.

PPAs offer diverse renewable options like wind, solar, and hydro, ensuring long-term, fixed-price energy solutions. This commitment to clean energy not only curbs costs and emissions but also boosts ROI, public health, and job creation.