About Us

Synertics is a mobility sector specialized startup, which creates algorithms through the use of large datasets and strategically financial driven approaches, that help asset as well as investment managers sytematically evaluate locations in order to make well-founded decisions.

The digital and data-driven interfaces developed by Synertics in combination with machine learning techniques, allow its users to interact on a live basis with assets and predict the demand of users according to their location.



Fleet Analytics

Our analytics fleet management monitoring software allows you to efficiently plan and deploy your assets in order to maximize utilization and revenues while reducing downtimes and unnecessary breakages.

Location Planning

Through the combination of live usage bookings and location descriptive databases, performance indicators can be established, which identify the cause of the utilization for a given location. This information can be used in machine learning models to systematically select new locations.


Data Protection

  • Data is stored in secure environments and only accessible through private credentials
  • Data is only applied in it's owener's interest and benefit
  • Cross utilization and mixing of data sources is not practiced
Management Systems
  • Automated smart management systems keep data ordered, up to date and ready to be deployed
  • Data protection laws are applied


Manuel Pessanha

Founder & CEO

Tim Kaard



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