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Commercial PPA structuring
using a data-driven approach

Each asset is unique to its technologylocation and market.
Count on us to unlock the value unique to your asset.

Our market approach

Market access
Our strong network of PPA market participants is your competitive advantage.
PPA tendering
Ensure that your PPA tendering process is well managed and yields the results you require to execute your project.
Contractual negotiations
Capitalise on our vast PPA contract negotiation track record.
Gain a deeper insight into the European PPA market
Access our priveleged international offtaker's network

PPA track record

Integrated Markets:
Integrated Markets
Czech Republic
6 countries in the Tool Solar PV Wind Onshore > 316 MW > 547 GWh > 10 years combined team experience in the energy market + coverage of aditional countries
Interested in a different market?

How does our PPA tendering process work?

A step-by-step overview
1 Defining a PPA strategy 2 Commercial and legalevaluation of selected PPA strategy 3 Identification of offtakers 4 Running tender 5 Evaluation of offers 6 Shortlisting of offtakers 7 Negotiation of termsheets and risk evaluation 8 Selection of final offtaker 9 Negotiation andexecution of PPA contract
Defining a PPA strategy
Crafting a successful PPA journey begins with a clear strategy. We collaborate with you to set business objectives, risk appetite, and sustainability goals to formulate a robust PPA strategy.

Our distinctive data-driven approach

2-for-1 approach
Our comprehensive understanding of the energy industry combined with our data-driven capabilities allow us to assist you in making well-informed decisions to de-risk and drive value of your renewable energy assets.

Synertics tailored PPA structuring processes will be accompanied our PPA Evaluation Tool, which will allow you identify asset specific risks and unlock values that would otherwise stay hidden.
Continuous knowledge transfer design
We want you to grow with us. Our PPA structuring processes and PPA Evaluation Tool are shaped around the principle to share knowledge and to build on experience values from current and past projects.

This approach empowers your team to independently explore new markets, initiate projects, evaluate diverse PPA propositions and pricing structures armed with past learnings at their fingertips.
Performance guided vision
We believe that the true measure of success lies in the completion of projects, from conceptualisation all the way to execution. That's why we approach every endeavour with a tailored strategy, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique needs and transforming them into actionable goals.

With each project we embark on a journey that goes beyond the transactional, forging meaningful 1-on-1 relationships. Through transparency and trust, we continue to cultivate these committed partnerships into new projects, scaling successfully together.

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