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Energy Studies | 12th Jun, 2023

Capture prices in State Capitals of Germany (Jan-May 2023)

As we navigate the ever-evolving energy landscape, understanding the performance of renewable energy sources is crucial for informed decision-making.

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Written by

Tomás Oliveira

We will go over an analysis of the registered capture prices of solar and wind energy in the 16 state capitals of Germany in the period of January to May 2023.


State Capitals of Germany and their Capture Prices for Jan-May 2023

Observations and Analysis:

Solar Energy Capture Prices
The table highlights a homogenous performance of solar energy across the German state capitals. Notably, cities like Stuttgart and Saarbrücken exhibit higher solar capture prices, indicating favorable conditions for solar installations. These southern regions benefit from ample sunlight and favorable solar policies, fostering greater adoption of this renewable source.

Wind Energy Capture Prices
Wind capture prices also demonstrate regional similarities. Cities such as Saarbrücken and München showcase higher wind energy capture prices. Factors such as geographic location, wind patterns, and topography contribute to the varying results observed.

Policy and Investment
State and federal governments must continue to incentivise solar and wind projects, encouraging private and public stakeholders to participate actively. Continued investments in research, development, and innovation will enhance energy capture prices while promoting a sustainable future.


Find out more about how Capture Prices are calculated here 


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