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Energy Studies | 17th Feb, 2023

Understanding Capture Prices

What are they? How to calculate them? Why are they relevant? Let's find the answers.

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Written by

Tomás Oliveira

What are Capture Prices?


A Capture Price is the average electricity price (in €/MWh) that a project achieves according to its technology (wind or solar PV) and geographic specific renewable energy resources (wind speed or solar irradiation) throughout a given period of time.

Capture prices tend to decrease in comparison to baseload prices as the generation capacity of a project specific technology increases.



How to calculate them?


1. Using our PPA Evaluation Tool

Capture Price feature on the PPA Evaluation Tool


2. Using the Formula

The capture prices (CP) can be calculated in two steps using hourly production (hP) values of a renewable energy project and electricity market spot prices (hSP) over a specific period of time.


Step 1: hourly revenues = hP x hSP

Step 2: CP = sum of hourly Revenues / sum of hP



Why are they relevant?




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