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News | 30th Nov, 2023

Synertics presentation: Advisory & Software

As energy passionates focused on the pricing and structuring of PPAs we have been operating on two core domains: Advisory and Software

Let’s understand how both of these domains can work in a complementary way on each project that we embark on.

Reading time : 2 min

Written by

Tomás Oliveira

Our Advisory department is specialised in the pricing and structuring of commercial PPA offers. 

From origination to tendering and term sheet negotiation until the execution of a PPA, you may count on us in the acquisition and operation stages to guide you through the complex demands that renewable assets require. In short, Synertics is present throughout the whole transaction process.

The Tool can be seen as an extension of our expertise, providing users with a robust foundation of how their financial metrics will perform on a given PPA and facilitate the decision-making process. 

As data-driven consultants, we rely on the accuracy of our predictive models not only to compute prices and evaluate different offers but also to gain clear insights that enable us to guide our clients in hedging their risks and optimising their revenue streams. Therefore, the quality of the data that we integrate into the PPA Evaluation Tool has been critical for our success and the cornerstone of our work.

As the new full version of the Tool is set to be launched in January, we would like to invite to see how we are connecting all of the dots for a variety of financial metrics within a PPA.



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