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Energy Studies | 27th Mar, 2023

Physical & Virtual PPAs

A side to side comparison between the 2 most common PPA delivery types for power generators.

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Written by

Tomás Oliveira

Observing the differences

A Physical PPA is an agreement in which a power generator sells the physical electricity to a offtaker through the electrical grid at a fixed price per MWh for the duration of the agreement.

A Virtual PPA is a financial agreement where no power is physically traded. The offtaker and generator will agree on a strike price and enter into separate agreements with their market agents/utilities to sell/acquire electricity in their respective energy exchanges at the spot price. Under this delivery type, the PPA serves as a financial hedge

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Overview of the steps

Physical PPA

1. Generator sells the hedged portion of electricity directly to the offtaker through a public or private grid.

2. Generator sells the remaining electricity to the local energy exchange at the spot prices through a market agent.


Virtual PPA

1. Generator sells all electricity to the local energy exchange at the spot prices through a market agent.

2. The generator and offtaker settle their positions according to the differences between the PPA price and spot prices for the hedged portion of electricity.


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