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Energy Studies | 7th Feb, 2023

How to easily compare PPA offers using 6 Key Metrics?

Maximizing your investment in renewable energy is crucial in today's world, and choosing the right Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offer is a significant factor.

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Written by

Tomás Oliveira

In this post, we'll discuss 6 key metrics to help you easily compare PPA offers.

By leveraging our PPA Evaluation Tool, you can easily analyse 5 of these 6 key metrics and make more informed and strategic decisions in selecting the right PPA offer for your organization.


1. Price

PPA Evaluation Tool price input


2. Quotation Date

PPA Evaluation Tool quotation date input


3. Structure

PPA Evaluation Tool structure input


4. Duration

PPA Evaluation Tool duration input


5. Start Date

PPA Evaluation Tool start date input


6. Bankability

Credit score ratings

Reach out to us for a quick tour of our Tool & advisory regarding the best practices for comparing PPA offers.


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