Automate your last mile route planning and delivery activities

Complete tours with a specified delivery time window up to 28% faster.



…improve customer satisfaction!

The Driver Deployment solutions of Synertics allows you to efficiently and transparently inform your clients about the status of deliveries to built up trust.



…save time & money!

The solution can easily be integrated with your operations in just 10 minutes.The technology behind it can reduce travel times up to 28% of your drivers.



…driving the most optimal routes!

The routes are computed using a variety of local based and time sensitive metrics to establish the fastest and most reliable routes.



…incorporate route optimization technology!

In just a few clicks, you can either utilize the full spectrum of functions of the solution through our platform interface or integrate our algorithms within your existing systems through our API.



…to profit from the Driver Deployment solution!

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Driver Deployment Functions

Route Planning

  • Route optimization according to duration and distance factors
  • Inclusion of target time windows
  • Multiple route starting and ending addresses
  • Manual route planning
  • Travel speed and buffer integration
  • Analytical funcitions

Web-App for Drivers

  • Geo Tracking
  • Signature field
  • Comment fields

Data Integration

  • Delivery tracking
  • Order input interface
  • Excel-Import
  • API-Integration


  • No software and/or app Installation required
  • Operable with Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers

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  • Set-up time takes less than 5 minutes
  • Intuitive interface

€ 69.00 /month


The Beginner version is right for every young last mile delivery company.

3 Drivers

300 Deliveries

€ 149.00 /month


For all delivery companies, which need to efficiently schedule and execute a large amount of deliveries.

10 Drivers

1,500 orders