Driver Deployment

Synertics Driver Deployement solution allows operation managers to easily and efficiently track and deploy drivers according to a variety of time and position relevant metrics.

Optimize the deployment of drivers according to their current location and traffic data.

Gather and distribute orders/vehciles more productively.

Asset Classes: Delivery/Pickup Services, Vehciles Deployment Teams.

Location Planning

Our Location Planning solution allows charging infrastructure participants to identify commercially promising locations to drive up utilization and thus increase revenues. In addition our technology takes consumer profiles and market trends into consideration in order to target charging station users more effectively.

Identify hight potential locations and efficiently target consumers.

Expand/consolidate through a structured approach.

Asset Classes: Charging Stations , Floating Vehicles.

Fleet Analytics

Once the most commercially promising locations have been identified, the number of vehicles that should be positioned at each location according to a variety of conditions needs to be established. This is where Fleet Analytics solution comes into play.

Predict demand of individual locations by actively tracking traffic flows.

Position fleets within high demand areas to drive up utilization.

Asset Classes: Floating Vehciles.


At Synertics we develop digital and data-driven solutions for the mobility industry with the purpose to increase the productivity and financial viability of products and services when selecting locations and allocating fleets.


As a data-driven company, Synertics embedded safe data handling practices within its company culture. Consequently all solutions apply the following procedures.

  • Data is stored in secure environments and only accessible through private credentials.
  • Data is only applied in it's owner's interest and benefit.
  • Cross utilization and mixing of data sources is not practiced.
  • Automated smart management systems keep data ordered, up to date.


Manuel Pessanha
Founder & CEO
Tim Kaard


For us, our partners are our heroes, since they bring our solutions to life for a more sustainable and productive mobility industry.

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