Reduce Driver Resources

Save up to 23% in driver resources by applying our Disposition API solution to compute the optimal number of drivers required to fulfil deliveries/pickups under the consideration of target times, weights, volumes and working hours.

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Why Synertics?


Compute and optimize thousands of orders through a ultrafast API


Streamline your order distribution and route planning activities through a fully automated system


Reduce up to 23% in the number of required drivers through a resource focused algorithm


Decrease external API costs by approx. 80% and eliminate internal development related costs and risks


Standardize and scale your fleet activities sustainably through a flexible and robust IT infrastructure

Pay as you grow

Choose a plan, that best describes your fleet stage.


€ 0 /month

Automate your order distribution and route planning processes for free

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  • 1.500 monthly free orders
  • € 0,05 price per additional order


€ 149 /month

Sustainably streamline your fleet operations

  • 15.000 monthly orders
  • € 0,03 price per additional order


€ 749 /month

Expand and standardize your driver allocation activities across locations

No credit card required

  • 150.000 monthly orders
  • € 0,01 price per additional order

References & Distinctions

Synertics is trusted by public and private entities for effectively automating fleet management processes.