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News | 26th Jan, 2023

Synertics at the Mobilitython 2021

A throwback to our winning run at the FREE NOW challenge

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Written by

Tomás Oliveira

The Mobilitython was a tender organized by The Impact Farm during IAA MOBILITY in September of 2021.

Synertics took on and won the FREE NOW challenge, which encompassed developing an intermodal route planning algorithm, that enabled the 15-minute city concept and connected cities to rural areas. The end algorithm had to be scalable, operational, fast, and accurate in order to have a chance to be adopted by consumers.

During the Mobilitython incredible teams worked for weeks to be able to present concepts and working prototypes. At Synertics, we had very intensive and focused weeks. We knew that the hard work paid off when FREE NOW selected us as the winner to further build on the solution. The experience was extremely enriching and we look forward to enabling more sustainable modes of transportation in the future.


Synertics founder in front of the IAA Mobility pavilion during Mobilitython